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Event Coordinators

Trustees of the Wardsboro Public Library for fundraising for the Library (all the Turnip and Library events), the Wardsboro School Club in support of the Wardsboro School (vendor areas), and Scouting America Troop #428 for their camping trips and trips to Scouting events. (parking areas).

Volunteers welcomed for the day of the Festival

Fill out the message form on this page and tell us what your greatest talents are - it's a short, fun day at the Turnip Fest.

USING GPS - be aware that VT has many cellular dead zones. Download your driving directions ahead of time.

Wardsboro Town Hall

71 Main Street

Wardsboro Public Library

170 Main Street

Follow the signs to field parking.

Other questions and comments about the Festival?

Gilfeather Turnip Wardsboro Vermont
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